Where is Egypt?

Where is Egypt?

12 October 2020

Introducing the 'Where is Egypt?' series

This platform continues to use the weird criteria of “Egypt artist” to determine what gets posted here.

Institutions in the arts and culture field often use geography as a criteria for their open calls. This is an introduction to a series of posts that will talk more about what linking territory to art opportunities means for artists.

What groups are we imagined to belong to? What expectations might this put on our practices? What resources are available to us as a consequence, and which are out of our reach? There are practical implications.

What's Egypt?

Egypt is a country, a national territory, an imagined community, and a place in the world whose geographies and inhabitants subscribe to different identities.

Identity is not fixed. For example, I identify as Egyptian; at the same time, I have many other attributes that I might use to locate myself. At one time or another, I might prefer different designations over others, even if many might describe me. There is always a possibility that I could change, becoming something else altogether. That is to say: my identity is fluid.

Egypt is fluid, too. It is not located in just one place, nor are its inhabitants one sort of people. Egypt is located in many places, several of which I will catalog in the coming posts. They are all regions I've seen used as eligibility criteria for grants, residencies, and other paid work for artists.

If you're an artist who finds your own region mentioned, it probably means that you'll find the opportunities shared on this platform useful.