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Barakat Trust Grants Awards

Barakat Trust Grants Awards

DEADLINE:31 March 2020

Barakat Trust funds individual and institutional efforts to promote and preserve artistic culture and heritage related to the Islamic world. The Trust has a long track record of supporting projects and initiatives driven by individuals, including but not limited to research trips, publications, and training opportunities.

The following grant types will be awarded in 2020:

  • Barakat International Studentship
  • Barakat Postgraduate Student & Early Career Award
  • Barakat Major Awards Including Conservation and Conservation Training
  • Barakat Publication Grants
  • Barakat Digitisation Grants
  • Barakat Senior Scholar
  • Barakat Postdoctoral Scholarship
  • Barakat Oxford Masters Studentship


The principal criterion of assessment is academic merit and significance; other criteria include budget, feasibility, and dissemination of results.

Each category of grant has additional criteria; some categories are restricted to Muslim applicants.

Individuals applying for grants from The Barakat Trust need to identify an institution to which grant monies can be transferred on their behalf. The Trust cannot make transfers to personal bank accounts, but is strongly committed to the support of individual professional development and projects led by individuals.


The awards have different values, ranging from GBP £1,500 to £50,000.


There is a separate application form for each category. You will need to download the application form in Microsoft Word for the category of award you intend to apply to on the website.