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Bulegoa z/b Residency
Residency Bilbao, Spain

Bulegoa z/b Residency

DEADLINE:8 March 2020

The objective of this call is to facilitate the production of art and knowledge at different stages and levels at Bulegoa z/b in Solokoetxe, Bilbao, Spain. The residency, which is open to artists and researchers, will last for a month and include space and discursive and financial resources.

The residency will take place for one month, within dates to be decided between 2 September and 29 November 2020.


Artists or researchers from any discipline who wish to use the physical space of the Bulegoa z/b office or the resources they can make available for their work or research.


  • A month stay at the Bulegoa z/b space.
  • Fee of Euro 900 €.
  • Euro 500 € (maximum) for travel expenses and accommodation. Otherwise Bulegoa z/b will provide lodging.
  • Euro 200 € (maximum) for production of the chosen activity plus costs derived from adapting the production to a public event format.
  • Logistic and discursive support for the organisation of public activities within the Bulegoa z/b programme for 2020.
  • Dissemination of the activities, support with presentation and mediation of the project in the local art context.