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Prix Elysée

Prix Elysée

DEADLINE:9 March 2020

The Prix Elysée was founded in 2014 and aims to enable promising photographers –eight nominees and one winner–to take a decisive step forward in their career.The prize runs every two years and the fourth edition will take place from 2020-2022.

There is no overall theme to the Prix Elysée, but it will emphasise the link between photography and print, with two publications being produced as part of the prize. Firstly, each nominee will be invited to introduce a project in a book published and distributed as part of the prize. They will each be given free rein to make use of 10 pages. Secondly, the winner will have the opportunity to publish a book of his or her project. The nominees’ and the winner’s books will be printed by one of the Sandoz Family Foundation printing companies.


Photographers who have established their career through exhibitions and publications, but have not yet enjoyed a mid-career retrospective, are at the ideal stage to apply. The goal of the Prix Elysée is to help place a promising, nationally established photographer onto the international stage and provide major funding to complete an ambitious project and publish a related book.

Candidates for the Prix Elysée must be recommended by a reputed professional in the fields of photography, contemporary art, cinema, fashion, journalism or publishing.


The following grants will be awarded as part of the Prix Elysée:

  • A contribution of CHF 5,000 to each of the eight nominated photographers.
  • A prize worth CHF 80,000 to the winner, half of which is to be used to produce the project, and half for the book publication.

The photographers may only use these sums to carry out the work required as part of the Prix Elysée.3.