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Asia Culture Center ACC_R Residencies
Residency Gwangju, Korea

Asia Culture Center ACC_R Residencies

DEADLINE:10 March 2020

ACC (Asia Culture Center) is a research and creation platform to promote the exchange of creative works and interdisciplinary research through ideas expanded from the culture and arts of Asia and the world.

ACC is offering residencies for researchers and creators in 2020 in four areas:

  • ACC_R Fellow - a program which seeks to support researchers who have developed original research themes on the subject of Asia.
  • ACC_R Theater - to discover experimental and original works of performing arts and support its production and performance systemically.
  • ACC_R Creators - a platform where creators can develop and practice futuristic ideas based on art and technology.
  • ACC_R Dialogue - to foster collective intelligence through diverse perspectives and insight about social discourse with experts in various fields of philosophy, sociology, and science and seek positive change and endeavor in our societies by sharing the results with the public.
  • ACC_R Design - to develop design content and product tailored for ACC.


ACC invites researchers and creators (performing artists, art & technology artists, designers, scholars) across the world to participate in the ACC_R Residency programs in 2020.

Each of the different programs have different requirements. Check the details link below.


Selected participants receive airfare, accommodation, work space, living expenses and a production budget.