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Rambourg Foundation Prize
Prize Tunisia

Rambourg Foundation Prize

DEADLINE:15 April 2020

The Rambourg Foundation Prize support the production of innovative projects in contemporary arts in Tunisia.


  • The Prize is open to candidates regardless of their nationality and their location, as long as their work is related to the Tunisian art scene. (which must be highlighted in the application file)
  • The project must be carried out in Tunisia.
  • The laureats from previous editions can participate in the Prize, but with a different proposition from that presented in the previous edition. The project must be creative and innovative.


The first Prize is an endowment of fifty thousand dinars and the second Prize is an endowment of twenty thousand dinars. The winners will receive tailored support for their project (in the creation, for example of a catalog or an exhibition, etc.). It will be granted to two artists who have been judged to be the most promising, interesting and innovative among the artists who have applied for the Prize.