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Artists' Contacts

Artists' Contacts

DEADLINE:15 August 2020

With the Artists‘ Contacts programme, the ifa supports the international cooperation of cultural actors. Artists and cultural practitioners from Germany and from transformation or developing countries receive valuable support for projects in contemporary visual arts, architecture, photography, media art and design. Applicants thereby receive the chance to network internationally and to advance the intercultural discourse between Germany and the global South.


German and international cultural actors must work on a project together artistically and conceptually.

The Artists‘ Contacts programme is open to

  • Cultural actors from developing and emerging countries who want to carry out a project in Germany
  • German people working in the cultural sector or those with at least 5 years of residency in Germany who are planning a project in a developing or emerging country.

The programme supports projects of contemporary visual art, architecture, design, photography and media art in the following formats:

  • Performances
  • Artist-in-residence programmes
  • Workshops
  • Preparatory and research trips
  • International events such as symposia, conferences and lectures

Cultural actors from developing and emerging countries can also apply for funding for exhibitions in Germany.


The programme supports people who are working in the cultural sector by funding travel costs, accommodation expenses and visa fees.