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ΚΟΙΝΩΝΩ Tinos Art Gathering
Residency Tinos, Greece

ΚΟΙΝΩΝΩ Tinos Art Gathering

DEADLINE:15 August 2020

The “ΚΟΙΝΩΝΩ” Tinos Art Gathering is a multidimensional cultural organization created in 2016 and based throughout the island of Tinos, organizing year-round cultural, research and social environmental activities and activities in the natural and cultural landscape of the island.

After four years of continuous presence on the island, “ΚΟΙΝΩΝΩ” introduces this year’s thematic Series of “Four (plus one) elements”, which will last for a whole year, through four different seasons, until the fall of 2020.

The project commissions artists to create artworks (through residency) and present them throughout the island of Tinos.

The resulting works are ephemeral / temporary artworks, long workshops, interactive narratives, thematic paths, productions of performance arts for “ΚΟΙΝΩΝΩ” and the "Four (plus one) Elements", interacting with the selected topography of the island, scattered over it, almost all year long.

Residency dates:

  • Element: FIRE, Dates: January 18-31, 2020 / Deadline: November 15th 2019
  • Element: WATER, Dates: April 18-30 , 2020 / Deadline: February 15th, 2020
  • Element: AIR, Dates: August 18-31, 2020 / Deadline: June 15th, 2020
  • Element: EARTH, Dates: October 18-31, 2020 / Deadline: August 15th, 2020


Participants may belong to any part of the artistic-scientific-research spectrum. They can be of all ages and countries as well as bodies / organizations from Greece and abroad: Artistic, curator / theoretical, (individual or group) choreographers - dancers, directors - actors, musicians - composers, photographers, designers, bloggers, engineers, architects and theorists, researchers, folklore, anthropologists, academics, educators, environmentalists, walkers, local collectors, institutions / organizations / groups with cultural and environmental sensitivity.



  • EU countries to Greece
  • Athens to and from Tinos
  • Transfer to all residency sites
  • Leased coaches and cars
  • Partial travel cost coverage (Limited support for travel expenses by artisans living outside of the EU)


  • Hosting Period: 16 days
  • Accommodation in rooms and / or hostels
  • Sustenance(lunch and dinner) during the host activities
  • Food supplies throughout the residency
  • Common dinners throughout the residency