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Englishes Mooc
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Englishes Mooc


Englishes Mooc is an online course developed for art students and other young makers who use English in their working lives. It wants them to stop measuring their English along a ‘native’ standard in the international realm. When adapted according to the needs of its users, new varieties of English can emerge. Englishes Mooc helps to develop practical skills towards this. It also features a platform for live discussion between its participants.


Englishes Mooc is open to everyone, regardless of English proficiency or academic qualification. Depending on engagement with the community of participants and the assignments, Englishes Mooc takes about two hours per week to complete. It is free of charge.


The course will be held online from October 22–December 2, 2019.

Each week is dedicated to a new aspect of "Englishes" such as phonetics, professional language, intonation or language construction. The course material is presented in various videos, and video transcripts in PDF format. Additional research material is available as text, audio and weblinks.


It is now possible to sign up for the first or the second cycle of Englishes Mooc, using the form on the website.