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New Centre for Research & Practice Scholarships
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New Centre for Research & Practice Scholarships


The New Centre for Research & Practice provides graduate-level certificates of competency in a range of fields and disciplines. Their certificates are intended to complement, enhance, and intensify MA and PhD programs from existing accredited colleges and universities, as well as to recognize those enrolled in their seminars to broaden the scope of independent research and practice.

All of the Centre's seminars are conducted online via Google+ Hangouts, enabling participants to engage from anywhere in the world.

Presently, The New Centre offers certificate programs in Critical Philosophy, Art & Curatorial Practice and Transdisciplinary Research & Practice. They are currently offering several scholarships for the spring/summer certificate programs.


All certificate-seeking students will complete twelve credits of seminars with The New Centre.

Each certificate program has additional requirements which can be checked on the website.


The New Centre is proud to offer support and services to advance the trajectory of its students, alumni, and researchers.


To apply, please complete the application form linked below and email with a cover letter outlining why you need a scholarship along with a writing sample.