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ICOM Education 29

ICOM Education 29


The ICOM International Committee for Education and Cultural Action journal is a place for thinking and analysing, for leading a discussion and further developing the theoretical thinking, for enriching the knowledge and discovering tangible examples out of the museums’ practices.

ICOM Education 29 offers the opportunity to go deeper into the notion (or notions?) of museum education, whatever its translation into other languages may be, and to explore the different aspects it/they cover in the everyday work of museums.


In order to cover the field of museum education as widely as possible, the editorial team is looking for articles in which one (or more) of the themes listed below is dealt with:

Shapes and methods

  1. museum education vs. cultural mediation
  2. difference of approaches for temporary exhibitions vs. permanent collections
  3. educational programme vs. educational aspects of the exhibition itself
  4. innovative approaches of museum education
  5. research in / about museum education
  6. museum education in a specific context, be it on the scope of a country, a region, a city or a group of museums

Role(s) and impact(s)

  1. the role(s) of education departments inside of the museum (organisation, tasks, duties, role in the development of exhibition, importance for the scientific or curatorial work etc.)
  2. impact of museum education on audiences
  3. the role of museum education on communities or on society and its impact on the dissemination of the ideas, values and knowledge contained in the exhibition

Specific target groups

  1. museum education programmes for adults
  2. museum education programmes for teenagers and children (except for school children)
  3. museum education programmes for school children
  4. museum education programmes for groups with specific needs (accessibility in museum education for example)
  5. museum education programmes in specific kinds of museums (living history or open-air museums, technical demonstrations, science centres, art museums etc.)


Publication in the Summer 2020 issue of ICOM.

The publication will officially be launched during the CECA conference 2020.