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Alexandrian Memories before Corona
Publication Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandrian Memories before Corona

DEADLINE:20 August 2020

In order to enrich the sociocultural Alexandrian archive; Description of Alexandria is initiating this project to study, interpret and document how the present city works with and for the inhabitants before the time of the pandemic, and finally share back the acquired knowledge and information with people so they would better understand their city and help saving its and their memories and heritage.

Regardless the age nor nationality the organizers encourage those who live, have lived or visited Alexandria to share a story that took place place in the city. Any good story is a combination of people, emotions and description of events that happened in a certain place which make the story genuine and unique. It can be a story that happened to narrator her/himself or to a friend or a relative, in the mean time or in the past.


  • Stories should be real, not fiction nor invented
  • Stories should have happened or took place in Alexandria and should involve a building (shops, coffee-house, etc.), street or district in the city
  • Stories should include sociocultural or historical factors
  • Submissions must be 1000 words or fewer
  • Submissions could be in Arabic, English or French
  • There are no restrictions on age or nationality


Description of Alexandria will keep posting one story each week and all stories will be collected on their website and will be accessible to public. By the end of phase one of the project all stories will be collected in one digital publication in the hope that they will manage to get funds for a printed version.


Please send your submission to