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Alliances and Commonalities
Conference Stockholm, Sweden

Alliances and Commonalities


Stockholm University of the Arts announces its second Alliances and Commonalities conference on artistic research, to be held 22 – 24 October 2020.

The conference is an opportunity for researchers, artists, and academics within performative and mediated practices to share their research and to articulate their questions within a context of creative collaborative inquiry.


Researchers from both specific and interdisciplinary fields, as well as those with practices that defy easy definition are welcome, as are projects in any stage of development. Experimental approaches to modes and formats of exposition are particularly encouraged.

There are four research profile areas at the Stockholm University of the Arts. The profile areas are designed to interrelate and interconnect, creating a dynamic and responsive research environment.

  • Concept and Composition
  • Bodily and Vocal Practices
  • Site, Event, Encounter
  • Art, Technology, Materiality


The focus and format of the conference will emerge directly from the subjects, ideas, and topics present in the research of those selected to present. Alliances and Commonalities is a place, a group of people, and a possibility for artistic research to challenge and inspire us as both individuals and community.


In 1600 words or less, briefly outline your proposal and address it to one/or more of the four profile areas. Please note that both the proposal and the presentation should be in English.

Please provide a concise (150 words or less) biography of the participating artists/researchers.