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Allianz Kulturstiftung Project Grants

Allianz Kulturstiftung Project Grants


The non-profit Allianz Kulturstiftung initiates and sponsors multilateral art, culture and education projects in Europe and the Mediterranean fostering mutual understanding and dialogue that transcends borders.

Allianz Kulturstiftung is calling for projects that use the tools of art and culture to create spaces, facilitate a critical debate, promote an exchange of ideas and encourage networking across borders. They are looking for projects that reflect the fractures in our societies, integrate different positions, adopt a translocal approach, demonstrate the courage to shake people up, and surprise and challenge them as a result.

The theme of the call is "Encouraging culture for an open society."


Allianz Kulturstiftung provides funding for non-profit partners and projects that

  • have a high level of artistic and content quality
  • respond to challenges in society
  • adopt a translocal and cross-border approach
  • make Europe tangible through critical engagement and by means of constructive offerings and ideas
  • develop a concrete impact over the medium and long term and promote social cohesion within society
  • work across sectors and disciplines and facilitate sustainable networking between involved players and organisations
  • contribute to proactive knowledge production and transdisciplinary exchange of experiences
  • think in terms of intersectionality, inclusion and equitable participation and are committed to playing a proactive role in developing this mindset
  • are joint ventures between equal partners and empower upcoming young-generation protagonists and non-established players in their field
  • strike out on pathways with courageous ideas and innovative formats


The amount of funding provided by the Allianz Kulturstiftung will generally not exceed 50 % of the total costs of a project. It is recommended to apply for sums of between Euro €30,000 and a maximum of € 80,000.