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Festival Naples, Italy



Altofest International Contemporary Live Arts Fest emancipates itself from the common consideration about festivals, as mere “programming” and/or “production” of plays and artworks; instead, it prefigures itself as a space for an experimental sociality.

International artists and citizens live together for two weeks (24 June - 5 July 2020) sharing time and space. So in Altofest the intimate dimension of the home is fused with the aesthetics and poetics of all artworks and artistic processes.

For this reason, Altofest suggests that artists not focus on easily adaptable artworks. Indeed, the main opportunity offered by Altofest is precisely the potential of a new elaboration of the artistic structure, the essence and the direction of each live art work, in relation to the specific place and unique relationships that define it.


Professional artists can apply from all over the world, with no distinction among nationality, country of residence, language or age. Amateur groups cannot apply.

Applications may include one or more original work, previously created for a formal space, already completed and performed in front of an audience. All archived or repertoire works are also accepted. Projects that are still a work in progress or unpublished works are excluded.

Artworks and performances must be original and any subject, contents and themes are welcomed. Proposals can be considered only if they belong to the field of Live Arts (theatre, dance, performance, experimental and interdisciplinary formats).

In Altofest, artists are invited to requalify their work during a residency that lasts 7 days, after which the performance is scheduled in the program of Altofest for 5 days of the public opening. The presence of the artist is required for the entire period of Altofest, 12 days.


Altofest ensures accommodation, subsistence, a lump-sum payment for the project and a weekly pass for the public transport of Naples.