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Festival Bydgoszcz, Poland



International Animated Film Festival Animocje is focused on ambitious cinema searching for its artistic character. Its organizers want to acquaint their audience with the most interesting authors and the unlimited possibilities of the animation. They also give the viewer of the Animocje a chance to explore the practical dimension of this field of art by an extensive educational section, including workshops.

Through an international competition, Animocje provides an opportunity to get to know the latest film productions from all over the world. A special screenings of the feature animated movies and a thematic presentations of short films allow the discovery of animation in a new context.

Animocje the 10th International Animated Film Festival will take place from 19 to 25 April 2020.


Films can be submitted to the competition by:

  • art and film schools,
  • production companies,
  • film institutions,
  • individual film-makers,
  • other entities with the right to administer a specific film.

The following films can be submitted to the competition:

  • whose time of running, including opening and final credits, does not exceed 30 minutes,
  • implemented in any technique, with the reservation that the animation must be at least 50% of the screening time,
  • produced no earlier than 1/01/2018.


The following prizes will be awarded among the films selected for the competitions: GRAND PRIX, Best Polish Film, Best Film for Kids, Audience Award.

In connection with the Organizer's right to distinguish additional categories of the competition, the Organizer reserves the right to grant additional awards outside the Terms and Conditions.

The Organizer has allocated PLN 10,000.00 for financial prizes, including PLN 1,000.00 for the prize in the Kids Film Competition.