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Call for Submissions: ArabLit Quarterly

Call for Submissions: ArabLit Quarterly


ArabLit Quarterly’s Winter/Spring 2020 issue will have a focus on The Road:

The publishers are looking for road-focused writing, however that might be interpreted. They're interested in the many connotations of road, in English and in Arabic: down the road, the high road, path, way, method. They would love to find road trips as much as serious approaches to the path, and they are particularly interested in writing that takes us somewhere unexpected.


Regular ALQ features include:

  • TranslateThis
  • Open Letter to a Late Author
  • Literary Playlist
  • Literary Recipe
  • Judge a Book By Its Cover
  • Literary Map (this can be a collaboration with our Art Director)

ALQ is also interested in:

  • Translated short stories between 1000 and 10000 words
  • Ultra-short stories: blink and you’ll miss it
  • Translated poetry
  • Translated playtexts (please!)
  • Translated comix
  • Creative work that shifts between states

ALQ is not able to accept:

  • Fiction and poetry written originally in English. Sorry.


USD $15/page, split equally between author and translator, unless by other arrangement.


ALQ prefers pitches to completed works, although complete works are also OK.