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ArabLit Quarterly: Song

ArabLit Quarterly: Song

DEADLINE:20 January 2021

ArabLit Quarterly's Spring 2021 issue will have a focus on SONG, with guest editor Karim Zidan. They are looking for musically focused writing, however that might be interpreted. The editors are as happy to accept a pitch as a completed submission.


Possible submissions include:

  • Translations of pre-nahda texts about music, from Arabic
  • Short or short-short fiction with a music or musical-instrument element Either in Arabic or translated from Arabic to English.
  • Essays about music, either translated or originally written in English, but linked to Arabic literature.
  • Poems about music (or poems set to music), any length. Either in Arabic or translated from Arabic to English.
  • Literary playlist essay, focused on a book (novel, short-story collection, poetry collection) where music is a central element. Music about music.
  • Essay about food and music
  • A history of the relationship between music and poetry in a country (or countries) of the Maghreb or Mashreq
  • Open letter to a late author that centers on music
  • Translators Cafe interview or feature that has an element of song.
  • Short comix about songs, either written bilingually, originally in Arabic, or with relation to Arabic literature.

The editors are not able to accept: Fiction and poetry written originally in English.


Payment is $15 per page