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Art Jameel Commissions: Digital

Art Jameel Commissions: Digital

DEADLINE:17 June 2020

The third round of ​Art Jameel Commissions​ aims to support the production of a digital artwork that will live online, on the Jameel Art Centre website, for audiences to engage with, regardless of where they may be.

Art Jameel Commissions: Digital invites artists to propose projects, artworks or experiences that engage with ​TIME. ​The commission also presents an opportunity to rethink and reboot our understanding of “digital art” and the ways in which it can question, investigate and form meaningful connections and experiences that explore this theme.


Artists from or based in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey and those around the world (regardless of nationality) who have sustained and demonstrable links to, and a meaningful understanding of, the wider ‘Middle East region’.

Applicants may originate from the region, reside either in the region or diaspora, and/or have contributed to the various cultural scenes across this diverse and nuanced region.


The winning commission will be awarded a prize of USD 7,500. An additional dedicated production budget will be allocated to the winning artist to cover:

  • all materials and production costs necessary for the production of the work, not to exceed USD 10,000-15,000
  • Travel and accommodation to travel to Jameel Arts Centre during the exhibition period to participate in one public programme