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AfA Masterclass: The Institutional Collapse
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AfA Masterclass: The Institutional Collapse

DEADLINE:2 November 2020

Artists for Artists (AfA) International Masterclass program invites early-career artists from around the world to take part in the second edition of its Radical Care Masterclass Series: The Institutional Collapse, 26-30 November 2020.

The Masterclass will focus on: Decoloniality, Activism, and Care/Repair.


  • Artists, including collaborators, collectives, and groups, working across media/ form (e.g., performance, conceptual, time-based media, film, sound, socially-engaged art).
  • Early Career Artists - within 5 years of professional practice or graduation (BA/MA).
  • A practice and proposal affiliated to the Masterclass topic of Institutional Collapse and the broader theme of radical care.
  • Online portfolio.


The AfA Institutional Collapse Masterclass will consist of three key components:

  • AfA Lectures: Advising Artists will present on their practice and related thematics.
  • AfA Workshops: A maximum of 6 Participating Artists are assigned per Advising Artist to attend workshops conducted online.
  • AfA Micro-Grant: AfA utilizes an equitable peer-to-peer model to distribute micro-grants through a peer voting system, with all Participating Artists automatically eligible.