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Bayti Baytek
Exhibition Online

Bayti Baytek

DEADLINE:10 May 2020

Open call for a virtual collaboration initiative organized by Young Shubbak.

18-25 year old MENA (Middle East and North Africa) artists of any discipline are invited to apply for an opportunity to collaborate with previous Shubbak artists Enkidu Khaled, Joe Namy, and Reem Karssli.

Three artists will be paired with one of the above Shubbak artists to create a response to a room in a home to be shared with an online audience this month.


The opportunity is for 18 – 25 year old MENA artists across any discipline based anywhere in the world.

No previous professional experience is needed to apply.


Each artist will receive an honorarium of 200 GBP alongside producing and logistical support from Young Shubbak.