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Beyond Quantum Music

Beyond Quantum Music

DEADLINE:10 July 2020

Beyond Quantum Music is an international project co-financed by Creative Europe that aims to explore connections between visual arts, music, and quantum physics by means of artistic experimentation, resulting in live performances and other types of interactions with European audiences.

This call welcomes submissions for any kind of digital art, sound installations, video works, as well as music that connects analog and/or acoustic instruments with the digital ones, the old and new sound worlds. The organizers are looking for artistic creations with immersive, audio-visual focus, exploring the possibilities of the quantum synthesizer and / or the quantum sound bank. This can be either in form of a (live) performance, an installation or a combination of both.


  • Participants may be individuals, groups, institutions, companies etc.
  • International participation is encouraged.
  • Exclusively commercially oriented activities in the sense of product advertisement are excluded.


All selected works will be presented as part of the touring Beyond Quantum Music festival, which will be performed in several European cities and festivals during the 2021/22 season (Linz, The Hague, Hannover, Belgrade).

Selected artists will be offered:

  • Artist Fees
  • Production budget
  • Travel and accommodation costs for at least one performance (if the work is selected for multiple performances)
  • Extensive communication and presentation of the selected projects


Please send all material to the following e-mail addresses: and