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Exhibition South America


DEADLINE:30 April 2020

The General and Artistic Direction of BIENALSUR (the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in South America) invites artists and curators to submit artistic and curatorial research projects to be included in the program of its third edition, which will take place in different venues in an extended and multipolar territory simultaneously integrating the South American countries and others from Africa, Asia, Europe, and Central and North America, between July and November 2021.


Curators and artists of any nationality can register individually or in groups.

The proposals have to fall within the scope of contemporary art and culture theories with a view to analysing, questioning and providing new perspectives of and insights into a diversity of experiences of contemporary life.


The announcement of the pre-selected projects will be from July 2020.

Once the list of pre-selected projects has been published, the BIENALSUR team will make progress on the possible dialogues with the curatorial axes identified in the present open international call and the feasable integration of each project into the BIENALSUR map. The authors of those projects that go beyond this instance and are integrated in exhibitions, actions or other BIENALSUR activations will be contacted by the BIENALSUR team to start the necessary dialogue to go forward towards the establishment of a budget and other needs related to the concretion of the project.