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Bridgeman Studio Award

Bridgeman Studio Award


As a media and technology company, the United ERG/Verizon Media chooses the context of the UK Black History Month to celebrate diversity. Diversity within the black community itself, but also diversity within the different communities living in cities, or in the many ways to approach life and work. This competition is also about reminding of the importance of allies, and how allies can help to make things progress and create more awareness by being advocates of inclusion.


  • Competition open to all artists worldwide above the age of 18.
  • Only one entry (Up to 5 images) is permitted.
  • All artwork entered into the competition remains 100% copyright of the artist.
  • An Artist can submit existing work as long as it fits the theme 'THE ART OF DIVERSITY.'
  • All artwork can be used in marketing and advertising the competition from Bridgeman, Verizon Media, and other third parties.
  • Entrants must give permission for their names and photographs to be used for publicity.
  • The entry for the Bridgeman Studio Award can be any media (photography, illustrations, painting, paper cut etc.).
  • All artwork must be 100% original copyright owned by the artist and not use any third party copyright material.
  • Entries must be supplied as one high resolution .jpeg sized between 3MB and 5MB.


Enter the Bridgeman Studio Award 2019 and you could win a £5000 cash prize, plus the winning artwork will be turned into a limited edition print and exhibited in London in March 2020. 5 runners-up will also receive £500 cash and have their works exhibited in the London exhibition.