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Fellowship Program for Art and Theory
Fellowship Innsbruck, Austria

Fellowship Program for Art and Theory


The Fellowship Program for Art and Theory in Büchsenhausen is based on the idea of generating and maintaining a context for production and discussion, in which artists and theoreticians can connect and reflect on international art and societal discourses in relation to local topics and issues. At the same time, it offers an artistic laboratory of experimentation, where new artistic practices and strategies may be tried out.


Professional visual/media artists, art theorists, art critics, and curators from all over the world are eligible for the fellowship.


The Fellows are selected by a jury of experts following an open call for applications. They come to Büchsenhausen for a minimum of five months to work on realizing their proposed undertaking,and accompany this process with public events.

For this purpose, Büchsenhausen assigns a monetary award and provides a production budget, a budget to facilitate, the exchange with other experts and to (at least partially) cover the Fellows’ own travel costs, free access to the working space, free lodging, as well as artistic and technical advice.