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C& Mentoring Program for Writers

C& Mentoring Program for Writers


With the support of the Ford Foundation, Contemporary And (C&) continues to facilitate the highly successful C& Mentoring Program. After having conducted the program with participants from Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Kigali, Lubumbashi, Kinshasa, Harare and Luanda over the course of the past three years, C& is now inviting young writers from Egypt and Colombia to apply.


The invitation is open to young art writers in the very early stages of their career.

One applicant from Colombia and one from Egypt will be accepted.

The participants should:

  • Have first journalistic/writing experiences in the cultural field. Senior writers with long-term experiences will not be accepted.

  • Be interested in a focus on visual arts.

  • Be fluent in spoken and written Arabic / Spanish


The C& Mentoring Program invites young art writers from Africa and the Global Diaspora to establish a mentor-student relationship with senior arts writers. Over the course of half a year, the mentees produce one text per month which they submit to and work through with their mentor online (via e-mail, skype or else). The idea is to support the young art critics in developing their experiences and skills. They will receive a small fee and the possibility of publishing selected texts on the C& Online Magazine website.


Interested candidates should submit a CV and a one-page letter of motivation and/or a writing sample (1000 words max.) to