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CineSpace Film Competition

CineSpace Film Competition

DEADLINE:15 July 2020

CineSpace is a collaboration between NASA and Houston Cinema Arts Society (HCAS) that offers filmmakers around the world a chance to share their works inspired by, and using, actual NASA imagery through “CineSpace”, a short film competition.


  • It must be an original work by you (apart from the NASA imagery)
  • Submissions MUST contain at least 10% (based on total running time) of NASA video imagery. More than 10% can be used and still photos can also be used in addition to the video imagery.
  • It must have been created after January 1, 2017.
  • It must be no longer than 10 minutes, including credits.


Winners and finalists will screen at the annual Houston Cinema Arts Festival which is held in November.

USD $26,000 in total prizes will be awarded.