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Collider In Residence Artist Residency
Residency Online

Collider In Residence Artist Residency

DEADLINE:15 April 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Contemporary Calgary's latest Collider residency will be run as an experimental In-Residence Artist Residency, facilitated via virtual interactions and workshops.

The In-Residence artists are expected to realize at least one individual work, one public program that the artist is expected to execute, and one work developed collaboratively among all residents.


Local, national and international contemporary artists, working in the fields of visual art, arts writing, sound, film, photography, design and performance.


Accepted artists will receive a $1,500 CAD residency fee. This fee is inclusive of any payment for realizing a Public Program (lecture, workshop, film series, kids program, et al).


Applications must be emailed as a PDF or Word file to, with the subject line: “Collider: In Residence Artist Residency”. Emails should not exceed the 25MB space limit.