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CSAV Artists' Research Laboratory
Education Como, Italy

CSAV Artists' Research Laboratory


CSAV Artists' Research Laboratory is an experimental platform designed to provoke formal and informal discussions and exchanges among artists of different generations and nationalities. It aims to explore different forms of art-making through un-institutional teaching methods. Between fifteen and twenty young artists from all nationalities will be selected. The participants will attend daily workshops and seminars run by invited artist and guests. The application and the laboratory are free of charge.

Workshop dates: 2 - 26 July 2020


To apply, no study certificate is required, but English is essential.

Artists working as collectives are welcome to apply and only one application per group is required.


The approximately 20 artists, who are selected by a jury, live in Como for about a month, in July, creating side by side with the invited artist, an experimental workshop to deepen their knowledge in visual arts as well as to interact with each others and with the surrounding environment. This experience includes conferences and meetings with artists, critics and specialists of diverse disciplines, and also theoretical debates with the curators of the workshop.