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DAAD Artists-in-Berlin
Residency Berlin, Germany

DAAD Artists-in-Berlin


Since 1963 around 20 internationally known and qualified artists of all ages, with a unique distinguished artistic signature and a body of work of their own, in the field of visual arts, film, literature and music are yearly invited to spend 12 months in Berlin. Invitations to filmmakers are issued for 6 months.


Artists in the fields of literature, film and music may apply.

For visual arts, an international jury nominates and selects the artists. Therefore, no applications are possible for visual arts.


  • Monthly grant installments for living expenses and rent
  • Provision of a furnished apartment
  • Travel and baggage expenses (regular airline, economy class), also for spouse and children who will be staying in Berlin for the entire duration of the invitation
  • If required: health, accident and long-term care insurance (contributions will be deducted from the fellowship award)
  • German language lessons (optional)