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de Appel’s Curatorial Programme
Education Amsterdam

de Appel’s Curatorial Programme

DEADLINE:15 March 2021

De Appel’s Curatorial Programme (CP) is a life-changing opportunity for motivated individuals who seek experience in making art public, beyond what academic degrees can offer. This intensive ten-month residency in Amsterdam offers full immersion in the local scene, with de Appel as an institutional base.


Each year, up to 6 participants in de Appel’s Curatorial Programme join a network of alumni and advisors who continue to transform the social life of art. People of various backgrounds or formations are encouraged to bring their knowhow and experience to the table. They must be as ready to learn from each other as they are from the invited advisors and mentors they will meet along the way.

The tuition fee for the Curatorial Programme is 7.500 EUR. Participants are eligible for various forms of financial assistance to cover tuition fees and in certain cases living expenses.


All workshops, sessions, advisors, excursions and costs related to research for curricular activities are covered by de Appel. De Appel also provides a budget to realize each session’s final outcome (the format of this public presentation is determined collectively).