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Delta (Δ) Research Placement
Commission Online

Delta (Δ) Research Placement

DEADLINE:20 July 2020

The Delta (Δ) Research Placement is open to artists to undertake a period of remote research with the John Latham Archive and to develop a digital project for a new experimental online platform for FTHo.


  • Artists based in the UK and internationally.
  • Artists should be able to undertake research in August and September with the aim of a digital outcome able to launch online in October or November.
  • Applications from artists who live outside of Greater London are encouraged, from those or can otherwise outline why they may find it difficult to access the physical archive at FTHo either due to access needs, caring responsibilities or other reasons that can be expressed in the application.


  • Two selected artists will each be offered a fee of GBP £1000.
  • Artists will work from their own home or studio but will have the support of the FTHo team for research with both the digitised, and physical, John Latham Archive.


Send your application following the guidelines to