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Desert 23°S
Residency Chile

Desert 23°S

DEADLINE:28 February 2021

Desert 23°S (Atacama, Chile) presents a rare opportunity to research and develop new artistic & creative practices in one of the driest environments on our planet within an indigenous community inside a national nature reserve of diverse flora and fauna.

It is a fluid, site-responsive program that introduces creatives to the local ecology and culture as well as contemporary socio-political issues and historical contexts of the area, whilst presenting reciprocal benefits for local communities both socially * economically through their presence and exchange.


What's included:

The organizers currently offer financial aid, support in seeking funding from other institutions, work-exchange opportunities and bursaries on all their programs. Their aim is to make this residency accessible for all those who wish to take part.

Contact them directly to ask about fees, to find out what aid is currently available and what you may be eligible for.