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Digital Collaboration Fund

Digital Collaboration Fund

DEADLINE:18 November 2020

The British Council is offering grants of up to GBP £50,000 to organizations in the UK and selected countries overseas to collaborate digitally on international projects.


  • The fund is open to arts and culture organisations and higher education organisations with an arts and culture focus.
  • Your project must take place between 1 January 2021 - 31 December 2021.
  • Applications must be a partnership between at least one UK organisation and one organisation based in one of the eligible countries (including Egypt).
  • There must be one lead applicant, but this does not need to be the UK organisation.
  • Whilst the funds are designed to benefit the artistic community, applications will only be accepted from legally registered organisations and collectives. Applicants must have a registered business bank account.
  • Applications for multilateral projects are accepted, with the focus on the programme being delivered mutually across the UK and in overseas countries.
  • In general, funding should be split 60/40 between the UK and the other countries. The lead partner should get no more than 60% of the funding and at least 40% of funding should be distributed in one or more of the countries listed below.


There are grants of between GBP £10-20k and GBP £40-50k available in the following three areas:

  • Research and development grants: to research and develop proposals for new virtual collaboration projects
  • Restart grants: for existing projects that are currently on pause due to Covid-19, to help organisations restart them via digital means
  • Collaboration grants: for new projects with a focus on virtual collaboration and other new ways of working.