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Driving the Human

Driving the Human

DEADLINE:9 April 2021

Open call for proposals that combine science, technology, and the arts in a transdisciplinary and collaborative approach, to shape sustainable and collective futures.

Proposals may connect to larger themes such as the social impact of climate change, energy cycles and our current technological acceleration, the mirror between the biosphere and the technosphere, contemporary processes of exchanging values and objects, and/or the impact of collective decision-making.


Designers, artists, scientists, initiatives, and agents from any field of expertise, from anywhere in the world.


Selected applicants will be invited to interact with the expertise and multidisciplinary know-how of the Driving the Human partner institutions, in order to develop future-proof concepts and bring them to fruition as prototypes. Ultimately, the process and outcomes of Driving the Human become tools that enable new worldviews, and open the door to alternative ways of coexisting.