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Embassy of Foreign Artists
Residency Geneva, Switzerland

Embassy of Foreign Artists

DEADLINE:1 June 2020

The Embassy of Foreign Artists is launching calls for themed residencies in Geneva, Switzerland in 2021, open to all types of practice, in the following areas:

  • Art and Citizenship : Looking at the world with a critical eye.
  • Art and Science : Exploring scientific issues through art.
  • Art and Stories : Giving form to archives.


The open call is addressed to all professional artists coming from following artistic fields: performing arts, visual arts and applied arts (fine arts, dance, theatre, music, literature, comics, cinema, etc.). Cultural practitioners, active in the research of contemporary cultural practices, such as curators, play writers, set designer or from other fields and applied disciplines (architecture, design) are also invited to apply.


4,200.00 CHF allowance dividedinto three monthly grants of 1,400 CHF per month, with an additional production budget.