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Dr. Eva Kahan Arts Residence Program
Residency San Sano, Tuscany

Dr. Eva Kahan Arts Residence Program

DEADLINE:1 September 2020

The Eva Kahan Foundation grants a 1-3 month long creative period in their residency space in San Sano, Tuscany between October and May to artists selected from a pool of applicants, with a focus on artists from the Central European region.


  • CV
  • Portfolio
  • Driving license
  • The applicant must submit a detailed program describing the program and specifying all relevant time and space requirements, complete with the materials and tools needed.
  • The applicant agrees to leave one of the works of art they create on-site at the residency and in the possession of the Foundation.
  • The applicant agrees to document the work they do for the duration of the residency period.
  • The Foundation signs an agreement with the applicants selected, setting out the commitments of the Parties.


At any one time a maximum of three resident artists can receive the monthly financial support of 1.250 EUR, use the artists’ studio and also the motor vehicle which belongs to the estate.