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Fair International Cultural Cooperation - Language
Conference Amsterdam and Online

Fair International Cultural Cooperation - Language

DEADLINE:2 July 2020

Fair International Cultural Cooperation is a series of gatherings with which DutchCulture and international partners explore the possibility of an internationally sourced and accepted code of conduct. Each gathering covers a specific theme. This year's theme is language and how international cooperation can be organised in a way that is fair in respect to the usage of language.

There are options to apply to attend the gathering digitally or in person, which will be held on 18 September 2020 in Amsterdam.


International cultural directors, artists, thinkers, scientists, critics, policymakers and funders with a focus on language issues and who are actively invested in the topic of fair international cultural cooperation.


In order to ensure a proper global representation, DutchCulture has the possibility to financially cover € 500,- airline travel, full accommodation and domestic transport for six foreign visitors during the programme. This option is limited to non-EU/US residents who are skilled in the English language.