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Flesh Spaces
Exhibition Online

Flesh Spaces

DEADLINE:21 June 2020

Open call for artist submissions for the July 1st online exhibition Flesh Spaces in the New Media Caucus Header/Footer Gallery. This exhibition concerns the challenges that cyberfeminists in the 1990s posed against a male-dominant technoculture. 30 years after cyberfeminism, the organizers wish to bring to light the voices and artworks of WOC and members of the LGBTQ+ community that presently interrogate recent issues surrounding online spaces and digital technologies.


The organizers invite works and projects that:

  • challenge and interrupt the logic of the shiny, cool, new aesthetic popularized by male technoculture.
  • use the body as a site for protest in online spaces.
  • use the image of the cyborg or the posthuman as a mode of critique of binary gender and sexuality.
  • explore digital technologies to uncover racial, and gendered bias from the predominant technoculture.
  • focus on the bodies of marginalized individuals and brings them to the forefront in digital technologies.

They are open to any digital medium that can be shown or hosted in their online exhibition (ex. images of installations, videos of work, interactive browser based experiences, etc.).


If you have any questions regarding appropriate mediums please get in touch with KT Duffy at