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Research Programme “Culture and Foreign Policy”
Job Flexible

Research Programme “Culture and Foreign Policy”

DEADLINE:10 May 2020

Research Project: Development of local/regional shelters for artists at risk

ifa’s Research Programme “Culture and Foreign Policy” provides experts with an opportunity to study current topics related to Germany’s foreign cultural and educational policy and to work at the interface between theory and practice.

Research projects normally last three to six months. During this period, the experts involved in the project provide actors in the area of international cultural relations with clear, concise summaries of the latest academic findings. They formulate recommendations for future external policy strategies, initiate expert dialogue and organise discussion forums and events.

With the aid of this research project, the Martin Roth-Initiative would like to gain insights into the questions listed below and thus provide suggestions and impulses for the development of local and regional shelters for artists at risk.


Mainly based on selected exploratory interviews the following questions and topics should be examined with a focus on Africa and Latin America. You may focus on only one of these (sub)-continents if the regional scope seem too much for the scope of this study:

  • What are the main factors of success of existing local/regional relocation shelters?
  • What are the main obstacles and challenges when building up new shelters for artists at risk in their regions of origin?
  • What kind of support and protection measures do existing shelters offer for artists at risk?
  • What are the conditions under which shelter programmes aimed at human right defenders in general are willing to extend support specifically to artists at risk?
  • Are there specific needs of artists at risk during local/regional relocation that should be taken into account when building up new initiatives?
  • Which geographic locations and which institutions are well placed for the local/regional relocation of artists at risk? What is needed to up-scale existing smaller initiatives and/or to create new ones? A mapping could be part of the research.
  • What are key considerations when supporting the development of local/regional shelters for artists at risk? These considerations should also take into account legal aspects.


Remuneration: Euro 6,000 € (gross)


Please send your complete application (as a file attachment with no more than 3 MB) by e-mail no later than 10 May 2020 to: