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DEADLINE:1 October 2020

What is the findability of the art-object? In the production of art-objects the artist is in the simultaneous process of thinking-as-production and acting-in-thinking. Yet the object itself, the very result of the artistic endeavour, does not engender the direct perception of its meaning – it is veiled and obscured. It is this hermeneutic veil, a linguistic and coded interface that allows the unravelling of the mystery of the art-object.

This is an open call for papers for the THE TELOS SOCIETY's forthcoming anthology of essays. The editors are asking you to explore the speculative space where art can happen. This is necessary in the juncture of both human and cultural history, as we continue to redefine and articulate the art-object in its hyperreal form.


  • Creative professionals and writers of all nationalities and ages may submit papers for review.
  • Papers between 1500 to 3000 words (without citations) + 2 to 6 images (with captions and credits)
  • TTS accepts papers in Greek, English, French and Arabic.