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INACT Festival: Déclonisation
Festival Strasbourg, France

INACT Festival: Déclonisation


The INACT festival is a meeting about performance art, established in Strasbourg, France since 2011. This multi-disciplinary gathering will take place from April 30th to May 18th 2020 as several events during night and day hours.

Artists using all media are invited to propose projects related with this year's theme: Déclonisation.

The INACT association also invites artists to propose interventions and workshops suitable for any kind of audience who would like to practice performance art for the first time. This activity could lead to a performance or an exhibition during the festival.


  • Musicians, visual artists, actors, dancers, poets whose work is actively staged and performed live.

  • Fields of interest: Real time, performance studies, sound art, video performance, poetry, re-enactment, improvisation, dance, culinary art, sound poetry, environment, document, cross-media, statement, urban intervention, augmented and virtual reality, virtual performances

  • Maximum 20 min length or duration (in case the performance doesn’t need of continuous attention from the audience)

  • Technical specifications including: scenography, performance perimeter, sound, lighting

  • Artists must be able to issue an invoice


  • Euro € 200 production or artist fee
  • Travel expenses refunded - Accommodation
  • Catering during the day of the performance
  • Video recording of the artwork
  • Workshops are paid Euro € 50 per hour for a maximum of 6h, and they dispose of Euro € 70 of material budget.