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Khidr Collective Zine

Khidr Collective Zine

DEADLINE:15 June 2020

Khidr Collective is a UK-based multidisciplinary arts collective which curates and platforms the work of Muslim artists.

They are looking for fiction, non-fiction, visual art and more for Khidr Collective Zine: Issue 4, to pay homage to the essence of existence: water. They are particularly looking for unconventional art forms and encouraging creative approaches to this prompt.


Beyond the criteria of "Muslim artist," there are no requirements or academic qualifications needed to contribute.

Unpublished work (excluding social media) is always preferred where possible.


As part of their mission to platform the work of Muslim artists and in turn value such work and the labour that is put into it, Khidr Collective believes in paying their contributors. If your submission is accepted, they will be in touch to discuss payment.