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Kinono Tinos Art Gathering
Residency Tinos, Greece

Kinono Tinos Art Gathering


After four years of continuous presence on the island of Tinos, Κinono introduces this year’s Thematic Series of “Four (plus one) elements”, which will last for a whole year, through four different seasons, until the fall of 2020.

In order to implement this year's thematic series, “Kinono” is making an open call for the formulation of proposals / projects by choosing one of the following four themes: Fire (winter), Water (spring), Air (summer), Earth (Autumn) , to be created (through resident-hospitality) and presented respectively in the months of: January, April, August, October 2020 in different locations and buildings throughout the island of Tinos in relation to their respective elements.


Artists, curators / theoreticians, (individual or In groups) choreographers, dancers, directors - actors, musicians, composers, photographers, designers, bloggers, engineers, architects and theorists, researchers, folklorists, anthropologists, academics, educators, environmentalists, walkers, local societies, activists, guilds / organizations / groups with cultural and ecological sensitivity who have the willingness of in-situ creation and collaboration (with the place / site / space).


  • Transportation: Athens to Tinos and back, a percentage of Tinos travel costs
  • Hosting: Rental rooms and guest houses
  • Period of stay: varying, two - three weeks
  • Food: Breakfast and lunch
  • Production: percentage of the material costs
  • Limited support for travel and subsistence costs for artists staying abroad. (If you wish to seek financing independently, we will assist you with letters and supporting documents).
  • Guest houses comprise of single-double bedrooms, large and comfortable communal rooms, in project development and creation areas, storage space and a large kitchen where daily meals (breakfast - lunch) will be shared.
  • Projects created on the island will mostly be presented in the natural environment (even in locations that are not so easily accessible) on project sites. Upon request some interiors can be used.