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Konvent International Residency
Residency Barcelona, Spain

Konvent International Residency

DEADLINE:29 March 2020

International Open Call for creators in the areas of visual arts, performance, literature, video, photography, sound art, music, new media, gastronomy, science and technology, with no restrictions of age nor origin and that are interested in undertaking a research and creation project during the months of July and August in the Konvent in Cal Rosal.

The international residency will take place during the months of July and half of August. The minimum stay is one week and the maximum is five weeks.


The selection criteria for the proposals are: 1.The experimental and innovative character in the search for new lines of work in the fields of plastic, visual, sonic, literary, performative, scientific, gastronomical, technological or new media arts. 2.The intrinsic relationship with the industrial environment, the building, the landscape and the territory. 3.Viability and development capability.


Konvent offers a grant program for dissident artists (POC, women and LGBTQI+) with projects focused on decoloniality with regards to the European territory and that are unable to finance their travel, stay or project autonomously. Find details in the open call document.