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Kunstraum Lakeside Statements
Exhibition Austria

Kunstraum Lakeside Statements

DEADLINE:31 January 2021

Kunstraum Lakeside invites artists and cultural practitioners to participate in its 2021 program with their own “Statement”. The organizers are in search of performative formats that relate to the Kunstraum’s annual topic “Future Perfect” and experiment with modes of representation in the visual arts, in the context of an institution at the interface between art, science, and technology.


The program concentrates on fields of action encompassed under the term “artistic research”.

The program will be centered around artistic explorations into what will perhaps have been. It is about how future can be created with artistic means—very concretely in the here and now.


Kunstraum Lakeside provides 1000 euros of production funding per “Statement”, including fees, travel, and accommodation expenses

Three production days are available for the realization of each “Statement”. These three days include both setup and dismantling at Kunstraum Lakeside. The Kunstraum will be open to the public on one of the three days.