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Live Praxes
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Live Praxes

DEADLINE:25 October 2020

Deadline extended to 25 October 2020

Live Praxes is a performance encounter that includes workshops, seminars and performance nights.

Live Praxes #2 ‘Online edition’ invites visual/ performance artists, writers, and sound artists to work on spoken word.

Through seminars the group will discuss a wide range of textual materials and their possible relations to sound, orality and vocality [speech, theatre, poems, press, radio, lyrics, etc.]

The workshops are facilitated by the Swiss visual artist and performer Gilles Furtwängler, and the Swiss curator Madeleine Amsler and Cairo-based visual artist and performer Mohamed Abdelkarim.

The workshop takes place online from 1 November to 30 December 2020.


This edition is open to participants from/residents of the Arab World countries.


In this edition, Live praxes will consist of online seminars/workshops followed with radio/live performance events.