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Exhibition Online



LoosenArt is an art gallery that offers a kind of platform whose aim is to make known artist's works with a direct implication and participation with its users and customers to understand in brief meanings and cultural value of what they see.

Photographers and digital graphic designers are invited to submit own artworks and take part of LoosenArt project.


Artists and artworks will be presented by LooseArt in the follow modalities


Your artworks could take part in the LoosenArt Gallery online collection available for sale, be featured at LoosenArt magazine section, and take part in one of the LoosenArt Collective exhibitions in either Rome or London.

Based on the principle on which LoosenArt projects rests (read supporting organizations engagement), the commercial conditions expected are below expressed. For each one artwork sold, the import in percentage:

  • 50% Artist
  • 30% Gallery
  • 15% Environmental Organizations
  • 5% Administration