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MACAAL Bootcamp
Education Marrakech, Morocco

MACAAL Bootcamp


The Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden (MACAAL), in partnership with A Million Dots, launches a program to source and strengthen cultural agents from the contemporary art world in Africa.

MACAAL Bootcamp is an intensive 4-day session to assess and challenge oneself and get empowered by professionals and mentors. Each bootcamp participant will be able to think of themselves as part of a professional ecosystem and find their strengths and needs through a series of workshops and masterclasses on core skills.

The Bootcamp will create a “class spirit“ among its 20 participants thanks to a hybrid format made of training, knowledge building, practical workshops on cultural leadership and management.

At the end of the bootcamp, participants will have a roadmap for their future progression and a stronger professional base, as well as a credible professional network to help them draw the outlines of their career: continued training, international mobility, residencies, crossed institutional projects etc.


  • Must not be over 35 years old
  • Must be currently active (salaried or independent) in contemporary art and/or visual arts
  • Must speak English, at least conversationally enough


There is a total of 20 seats open. There are 15 bursaries available to cover the expenses of the Bootcamp (1100$/ 1000 Euros per person + travel and stay expenses) based on the level of the applicant and their financial conditions.