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Nafasi Artist in Residence
Residency Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Nafasi Artist in Residence


Nafasi Art Space is set in extensive open grounds in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania hosting 37 indoor and outdoor studios.

The AIR program is part of the space's objective to create a critical creative and learning environment to stimulate the discovery and creation of contemporary art in Tanzania, through production and an open and active art exchange within the region and beyond.


Application is open to artists of all disciplines: painters, sculptors, welders, printmakers, performers, dancers, video artists, photographers as well as writers, curators and researchers.

The residency programme at Nafasi is an exchange programme. Therefore the incoming AIR will be expected to fully interact and possibly collaborate with our artist members. Nafasi is a truly multidisciplinary space so we welcome artists from the performing as well as visual arts.

For Voice applicants, special consideration will be given to those that display passion for activism, inclusion and social equality.


With the support of Pro Helvetia Johannesburg and Hivos Voice, Nafas will offer funded residencies to 6 artists for 4-6 weeks.

Additional artists, local or international, will also be accepted on a self-funded basis.